First Time Festival Checklist

The amount you will have to pack will differ based on whether you are at a two day or three-day festival. It also depends on if a chicago landscaper is present to make the grounds habitable.

Festival drinks

There are drinking water faucets in the campsites at each music festival so do not care about bottled water. Just bring enough empty plastic bottles or maybe a drinking water jar to fill up at the faucets.
More notable, alcohol is costly at festivals and is tough to locate in the campsites as the bars tend to be within the live music arenas. In case there is a number of you and you also require a few cases think about leasing a trolley.


Tents are recommended though some other much more innovative types of protection have been known. In years past I have seen structures like tepee’s, dustbin liners, tree houses, and trenches! Remember you are not likely to be investing a lot of time in the tent of yours so a simple waterproof dome is enough. For some additional luxury and also campsite finesse you are able to pitch many dome tents in a square and erect a gazebo over the gap at the center as a mini courtyard.
Be sure you’ve something very soft to sleep on. Inflatable mattresses would be the very best, failing that a good groundsheet plus roll mat requires the advantage of the tough, usually rocky campsite ground.
Before you leave make certain your tent has adequate good tent pegs, which are not twisted and bent of shape. In addition, carry a mallet to knock them into the soil.

Cleaning as well as personal hygiene

Keeping completely clean at festivals is a thankless job, but in case you are the personality type who can not benefit from the morning in case you do not begin it using a wash, you have a couple of choices at festivals that are modern.
Most festival grounds currently have some kind of shower facilities. At Glastonbury there are many choices which include the eco-friendly natural showers. At V festival they generally have jail like communal shower blocks- anyone having a Saturday ticket including camping can work with these for totally free.
Just be sure you bring shower gel and towels to clean with. Women are going to be happy to find a lot of festivals have hairdryers as well as hair straighteners that you are able to lease (albeit at an extortionate price) check for these close to the shower facilities.


Do not go crazy with garments at festivals but do not believe in the weatherman either and strategy for those eventualities weather wise. A good waterproof or perhaps poncho are generally a great idea. If it gets really warm, as is a number of light summertime clothes or perhaps beachwear.
Coaches are a great choice, and wellington boot styles are usually well worth taking. Even when the weathers looking great, the smallest shower is able to twist festival websites into mud pits.
These packing suggestions are going to get you started but most crucial item to carry to a music festival is a feeling of enjoyment. The festival is just a few of days so in case you forget anything or maybe your tent eta flattened or even blown away do not lose heart, you will be back again in the nice comfy bed of yours by Monday.

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