Surviving a Wet and Muddy Festival

There’s nothing worse than going to a festival on a sunny day, and suddenly, the weather starts to act up out of nowhere. And the next thing you’ll find is yourself being wet under the rain. To help you prepare for unexpected weather, listed below are ten tips to keep yourself dry during a wet and muddy festival.

  1. Check for Weather Updates

  • Before leaving, it’s always ideal to check the news for some weather updates first to help you prepare what to bring just in case it’ll rain. Plan ahead of time to avoid being unprepared during rainy festival escapades. Even if the weather reports say that it will be sunny all day, it’s still advisable to bring rain gear with you for unexpected weather.
  1. Do a Test Run

  • Recently purchased a tent? Do a test run to see how well it can withstand during rainy conditions. There are tents that are waterproof so make sure to opt for one. It may be pricey, but at least it does its job on protecting you.
  1. Rain Gear

  • No matter how you carefully planned what to wear to the festival, rain will just ruin the mood in a matter of seconds. Wellies boots is a great option if the festival ever gets muddy. They’re also perfect to protect your feet from festival grime too. A waterproof jacket is also needed, but don’t opt for those expensive ones. A lightweight pack-away jacket is enough and it doesn’t take too much space on your bag too.
  1. Extra Clothing

  • Since the weather is unpredictable, bringing extra clothing should be your top priority. Being soaked under the rain will make you get cold fast that may lead to hypothermia especially in extremely cold conditions. Bring extra pairs of socks, shorts, shirts, or anything that you can wear.
  1. Place Your Tent Uphill

  • If the festival is held on a place with uneven terrain, then it’s better to pitch your tent uphill to avoid being flooded. It’s also better if you arrive early on the location so you can claim a space before it’s too late. Placing your tent on higher ground ensures you have a safe spot since water from uphill will come down to the bottom, which will cause a flood, and will turn into a makeshift swimming pool especially during heavy rains.
  1. Stay Away from the Edges

  • Keep your sleeping bag and clothes away from the edge of the tent. This is because water usually floods the edges first then the center. Better yet, keep a black bag for all your wet clothes and put them on the edges.
  1. Don’t Mud Yourself Too Much

  • You may see pictures of people happily mudding themselves at festivals on the internet, but what you didn’t see is their face of disappointment minutes later after those pics are being taken knowing that there is no shower to be found around the area. So stay away from playing with mud to keep yourself away from bacteria or other germs they bring.
  1. Leave Your Shoes Outside

  • When it’s time to get some shut eye, always make a habit to leave all your wet and muddy shoes outside the tent. You can also wrap them inside a plastic bag so they don’t get soaked or place them in your tent’s porch. Who wants to sleep with having muddy shoes on, right? Unless you’re drunk or something, now that’s very uncomfortable.
  1. Separate Wet Gear

  • Don’t put your wet clothes and gear along with the “dry” ones, keep then separate by placing all the wet ones on bin bags. It’s better to keep them separate at all times so that your dry clothes won’t get damp and to prevent your bag from getting soaked.
  1. Bring Cleaning Products

  • Of course, since showers or any source of running water is out of sight during times like these, bringing cleaning products with you is important. Be it a toilet paper, wet wipes, or a hand sanitizer, these should be your top priority and the one that you should put on your bag first before anything else.

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