The Best Hills in Britain for Your Hiking Adventure

If you haven’t been to Britain, you will be surprised that it is filled with lush and beautiful hills and mountains that are perfect for your next hiking journey. From simple hills to steeper ones, there is plenty of room for everyone to hike on. With lots of hills to choose from, it can be hard to pick one that suits best for you. With that said, we tailored the top five best hills in Britain that can be your next hiking destination.


  • Glencoe

  • One of the most well-known hiking spots in Scotland is probably Glencoe. Nothing can match its beauty and stunning views that surround the area. Once you reach the top, you’ll see the Three Sisters standing tall.
  • Glencoe is filled with different paths and alternate routes for you to explore. There’s a 3km route that takes less than 2 hours to walk, and another 21km one that ranges from Ballachulish to Fraochaidh that’ll take you approximately 8 hours to walk.
  • The Lake District

  • For those people residing in the North West of England, take a hike down at the Lake District until you reach the grand Helvellyn hike. There are various ways to climb of Helvellyn, but following the route around the Striding Edge is one of the most notable ones.
  • Ascending along the trail of the Striding Edge gives you picturesque views of the valley down below. Once you reach the top, you’ll get a full 360-degree view of the Lake District National Park. It’s a lengthy walk that can range up to 6.5km so don’t forget to pack some food and drinks that you can chug along the way.
  • Highlands

  • If ever you stumble upon Highlands, one of their best places in town is probably Fort William. It is also known as the “Outdoor Capital” because it is the base of the legendary Ben Navis and it’s also the gateway town to Glen Nevis.
  • If you want jaw-dropping beautiful sceneries, then start by visiting Glen Navis first. You’ll witness their stunning views as you hike along to reach the Ben Navis. If you want a shorter way to hike along the area, Glen Navis has several different routes for you to explore. You can also witness the Steall Falls on this hike, one of the highest waterfalls to ever exist in Scotland.
  • Snowdon

  • Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales, that’s why thousands of hikers and adventurers alike visit this hill every year. You should definitely not miss the Pyg track, a hikers favorite, where you can see gorgeous views of Snowdon’s northern face as you hike along the way.
  • The hike along the Pyg track will take you about 6 hours to both ascend and descend. It’s also a perfect place to go on a picnic too.
  • South England

  • South West Coast’s Path is probably Britain’s longest national trail that has a distance of about 630 miles. Despite its number, it can also be taken in parts that don’t require a hefty amount of days.
  • Taking the trail from West Lulworth unto Weymouth, you will be greeted with UK’s most beautiful and natural landmarks. Having a distance of 21km, it will only take you a day to hike the trail. And it doesn’t stop there, adventure also awaits along the way that you could take advantage of by setting up camp.

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