Top Five Weekend Activities That Won’t Break Your Wallet

If your weekends are filled with sitting around watching TV while grabbing a bag of chips, then it’s time to change that kind of lifestyle to a whole new level. Let’s do something that can make you get out of the house. Be energized, work that muscle out, and feel your body.

Feel like you’re not motivated at all? Then worry no more because you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tackle five active weekend activities that will get you moving without putting a dent in your wallet. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading down below!

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing

  • Want to experience a high energy workout? Then look no further than indoor rock climbing. Rock climbing puts your body to an intense cardio and muscle workout, which is great if you want to lose weight to stay in shape. If you think that rock climbing is dangerous, then that is not the case for indoor rock climbing. In fact, indoor rock climbing is safer compared to outdoor climbing rock climbing. This is because you will be wearing a harness throughout the activity, while you’re being surrounded with experienced instructors to guide you at the same time.
  1. Cycling

  • It’s not just all about our upper body muscles. We must also, of course, pay attention to our leg muscles too. This is why cycling is important. Grab your bike and do a few rounds along the city early in the morning where traffic is still minimal. And it’s not only limited to weekends, but you can also cycle during weekdays too especially if you’re going to work.
  1. Yoga

  • If you want to do a full mind and body workout? Then yoga is here to help you with that. First popularized back in the 1980s, yoga has been practiced by all fitness lovers all over the world. The benefits of yoga include improving your balance, enhances muscle strength, decreases stress levels, improves posture, and also boosts your immune system too. You can find lots of yoga classes in large sports centers that are scattered around town. Of course, you have to learn the basics first as this activity is not something that you can learn overnight. You can also do yoga together with friends too for a more fun experience.
  1. Swimming

  • In case you don’t know, you can burn more than 400 calories in just 30 minutes of swimming. So why not take advantage of that pool at the back of your house? Want to lose weight? Swimming is an excellent choice for you. People who suffer from joint pain will also be glad that swimming can take that pain away. With that said, it’s time to go ahead and start swimming.
  1. Hiking

  • If you’re up for an adventure, then hiking is definitely for you. Check your local city map to see if there are hiking trails around your area. Be sure to pack proper equipment before you go, especially if you plan to hike and camp for days. Wear proper clothing and bring rain gear since the weather is unpredictable. Hiking is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors while getting plenty of exercise at the same time.

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